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Elder Council Meeting, January 9, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 by Chair, Daryl Coons. Present were Lorraine Smith, Faith Smith, Dewey Isham, Mona Ingerson, Tom Carley, Marie Kuykendall, Christine Isham, Vernon Martin and Dorothy Sharon.

Reading of the December minutes. Dewey Moved to accept the December, 2015 minutes, seconded by Marie and passed unanimously.

Election of Chair and Vice Chair. Marie was elected Chair and Dorothy Sharon was elected as Vice Chair. Daryl turned the meeting over to the new Chair.

Reports from TGB Monitors. According to Brian Bisonette, there is still some difficulty with the company that installed the elevator. He hoped that the situation would be resolved in the near future. He asked the TGB for clarification about management authority of Kinnamon. Jason Schlender is supposed to set up a meeting to talk this over with those involved. Dave Fleming reported that the Country Store is seeking a new manager since Rick Wolfe resigned his position before the holidays. Justin Gordon presented a request for support for his new program, Bugo Ganay Giizhig, which is intended to assist those seeking help with addiction. A request was presented for $1,500. TGB members expressed agreement that many tribal members suffer from addiction and need help. However, there was not enough information presented for a decision to be made, including the lack of a budget and the request was not approved.

Elder Abuse. Community members attended the meeting to report on instances of emotional elder abuse at the Housing Authority. According to the Elder Protection Ordinance, “Emotional abuse which includes intentional infliction of threats, humiliation or intimidation, undermining and individual's sense of self-worth and/or self esteem, constant criticism, diminishing ones' abilities ....” Staff members impacted work for the accounting department who are elders. Instances of abuse that were reported included being required to work evenings and weekends to excess, public ridicule, being required to carry out work that is physically challenging, unfounded accusations of improper behavior, and demeaning comments about impacted employees. In the case of abuse against elders by individuals, the Elder Center would be charged with the responsibility of investigation. However, this situation involves their supervisor, a member of the staff of the Housing Authority. The Elder Council agreed to present this situation to the TGB for resolution.

Elder Center. Mary Wolf reported on activities of the Elder Center. A 3-year aging plan was submitted as required by one of its funding sources. They are waiting for notification of a new Title III grant. Mary works with Marie to secure funds for elder travel. Notification of the 2016 award has yet to be received. Trips will be planned once the grant award is approved.

Rally in Madison. A protest to the bill proposed which would allow landowners to unearth sacred remains on their property is planned for Tuesday, January 12th, in Madison. A bus will pick up persons who wish to attend very early. Vernon also will take the elder van and has two openings if there are others who wish to attend.

Dewey moved to adjourn at 1:10 pm, seconded by Christine and passed unanimously.

LCO Ogichidaa Memorial
by Faith Smith

LCO World War II veterans came together for a round-table discussion about their early days at LCO and experiences in the armed services, Bertha Christensen, Daryl Coons, Louis Gouge, Sr and Richard Smith. The discussion was facilitated by Dave Bisonette and video recorded by Paul DeMain. We hope to get together again. The time we had together was too short!

For the next few weeks, Faith Smith will be at Kinnamon School daily. Installation of the maple tree with leaves representing each of our veterans will take place in February. We also invite those with photos of veterans to bring them to Kinnamon School. We have a scanner and can make copies of photos as well as developing photos from negatives. There are close to 600 names on the list of LCO veterans but we do not have all of their information. For each veteran, we need their rank when they left the service, branch, years served and any military honors received.

Please check the list to make sure that veterans you know are listed and that we have information about their military service. And, if you have photos or negatives, please bring them to Kinnamon School to be copied. The list of veterans is at the front desk of the Tribal Administration Building.

LCO Elders Association Meeting
by Mona Ingerson

Our January meeting started with awarding Lorraine with $25 for selling the most raffle tickets. There were all good comments about the Elders Christmas Party. There were no suggestions for improvement, but there was a suggestion that the Christmas Party was so much fun that perhaps we should consider an Elders Summer Picnic.

Again, there was a long discussion on the TGB's behavior. It was suggested that names be attached to the discussion. Don't just say the TGB, use their names to make it more personal.

The speaker was Diane Verdin, President, LCO Ojibwa College. She reported on Dr. Day's suggestions: Revise programs, offsite needs to be on the Reservations. Off Site are Red Cliff, Bad River, St. Croix and Lac De Flambeau. The student count is up. There is now a newsletter. It will be online and hard copies will be at the LCOEA meetings. There are 19 students in the Teaching Program. It was suggested that the Library hours be extended.

Mariah Cooper was very helpful at the meeting. She assisted elders all during the meeting. Vicky won the Pie Contest, Leslie won the 410 Early Bird and Mildred won $17 in the 50x50. January birthdays were acknowledged along with LCO Elders 14th year.

by Mona Ingerson

I am told that the Elders Clinic will re-open February 1st. That is good news.

There was a General Membership meeting held on January 23rd. Our full council was in attendance and it is still nice to see all of them dressed appropriately for such an important meeting. As questions came up, the liaison was able to offer explanations or give answers. That is a welcome addition to the meeting. It was suggested, and not for the first time, to have the directors present also. There were a number of issues that came up especially concerning Housing and the Clinic. Liaisons do not have the details that the director would have to answer the questions. Directors should be at the meetings; especially those directors who are LCO citizens. Those directors who are not LCO, should still attend the meetings, they are managing a part of LCO; four times a year is not asking too much from these directors.


Mary Quagon 2/1, James Butler 2/2, Kathryn Fleming 2/2, Lynn Nell Begay 2/7, Teresa Carley 2/8, Rose Gokee 2/9, Marilyn Marlenee 2/9, Pierre LaSieur 2/9, Sandy Bird 2/10, Louise Rider 2/11, Cynthia Tudjin 2/13, Harvey DeMarr 2/14, Jackie Simonson 2/14, Roseanne Barber 2/16, M. John Quarderer 2/16, Nicholas Boss 2/18, Philip Slayton 2/18, Louie Nickence 2/19, Myrna DeNasha 2/20, Gordon Zimmerman 2/20, Duane Corbine 2/21, Dale LaRush 2/21, Cyrilla Streubel 2/22, Leona Merrill 2/24, Dorothy Quarderer 2/24, Myron Thomas 2/24, Christine Huth 2/26, Tom Corbine 2/28

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